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What's up with the Rereleases?

You may have noticed that my books are now saying rerelease coming soon and wondering what is up with that. Well I have fabulous news! I got my books back from my former publisher and am so excited that I get to bring them back out into the world after some possible TLC (also known as editing) and am working on new covers and everything else! I have been working on new trailers and everything and cannot wait until you can snag the books with new covers and possibly more! As you know, I'm also working on a short story compilation with my sissy that we are hoping to get out for Halloween season, so I am quite busy with everything. So, as of now, there is no exact date for rereleases, but keep your eye out. Follow the blog or my social media at handle @hijinkswriter to get the news first on when my books will be out!

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