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I received these beautiful flowers this morning. It was a bittersweet morning, the last day of our Young Writers Guild hosted by me and the St. Clair County Community Library.

These flowers really made my day, along with the five wonderful participants I got the chance to work with for the last five days. We went over some lessons on story basics, characters, and story structure. And these teens went from brainstorming to finished product, complete with a cover and a book trailer. This week has been a highlight of my summer. Here is one of the book trailers collaborated by me and the teens

I had so much fun working with these amazing young writers. I can't wait to do this program again, and craft an intermediate class for my teens who want to join the program again. So look out next summer for THE YOUNG WRITERS GUILD! So you can sound so cool saying I have to go to my creative writing class..... As one of my students said!

I feel like a better person for having done this program and hope to grow it. I am beyond happy and excited about next year already!


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