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On Friday the 19th, I am happy to announce L Bachman and I will be going live for our broadcast of THE PAJAMA PEOPLE PODCAST.

Originally started as bonus content for the Dark Jottercast, it has now grown and evolved into its own show! I could not be more excited. To celebrate and give it a proper launch, we are doing a live stream of our Premiere. Usually the show is audio only, but we plan on having specials like this randomly. I think our premiere is pretty special, so look forward to catching it live at 7 PM Eastern/6 PM Central at our new Facebook page,

Also, we have some merch now available! The Pajama People Podcast is special to us, so we wanted to offer some styles of tshirts, mugs, and more in our shop! Check out The Pajama People Podcast collection in the shop now.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you live!


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