I have started a new endeavor! After a wonderful interview on the DARK JOTTERCAST by L Bachman, we have started to make bonus content, the PAJAMA PEOPLE PODCAST!

The point of this podcast is to examine and enjoy horror stories! We are trying to give a new perspective to horror content and media, whether it's movies or books or both! And every episode is different. Find out what our thoughts were, themes for each show, and more. You can find the Dark Jottercast podcast where you find your other favorite podcasts. SO CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!! I've been loving creating content for this show.

As always, I also have my own writing podcast thanks to GO INDIE NOW that allows me to interview and see writing from different perspectives. In PROGRESS is a once a month podcast I am happy to host. We will be taking July and August off, so join us on GO INDIE NOW's channel for September!

Thanks so much for reading. Please check out these awesome shows and geek along with me!

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