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I haven’t really done any updates on my life and current status so I thought I’d take the time to do so today. I have many projects going on to keep me busy, but it has also led to a bit of a burnout for me. Right now I’m struggling to overcome that and get unstuck.

My WiP that I’m always working on is my debut novel/novella which I have been working on for the past year. It’s a YA fantasy that deals with angel and demon mythology and it’s my first finished first draft. After I finished draft one, I sent it on to my editor and waited two agonizing months to get it back. It’s been about two months since I have gotten it back and I’m still stuck in edits. It’s been a real struggle for me the past couple weeks to work on it at all and it’s become a daunting prospect to face every day. I haven’t worked on edits at all for the past few days and I think I’ll take a week off from it so that I can approach it with fresh eyes and a lighter heart. I’m confident that will help.

I’ve also been working on several short stories, one of which is for a competition held by Our Write Side, the website that I write for. It’s styled off of Lewis Carroll and the theme was summer kidnapping winter. It was fun to write, but I’ll add more fantastical elements in edits. And I’ve been writing my weekly column for Our Write Side. You can find it here and I recommend you check it out. I use it to further explore an aspect of the topics I write about here on the blog, so it makes for great supplemental reading if you find this blog helpful. I’ve been writing for them since February and I love working with them. I also do artwork for them on occasion. A painting of mine will feature as the cover of their summer literary journal, so that’s exciting.

Finally, a major project I’ve been working on is developing lessons for a class on writing. I find this work very rewarding, but it does take a lot of brain power and I hate recording myself for the lectures. This in particular has proved to be time consuming and takes me away from working on my WiP or short stories. And since I am working on one per week this is an ongoing problem. I think I just need to organize my time better. But it will be awesome once the lessons are finished and the course is available online. I’ll keep you all posted when that’s available.

That’s my life right now, a little hectic and frazzled, but I can’t complain too much. After a short break, I’ll be back to tackling edits and getting my WiP closer to being published, which is the goal. Hope all is well in your world and happy writing to you all!


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