Not a resolution for a new me

So I'm still the same person I was on NYE, at least I think I was, but like Alice, I could be a different person since breakfast, so that may be debatable. But my basic point is I don't do the whole resolutions thing on the first. I feel like the real things I want to work on are more than just a resolution for the beginning of the year. They are something I want to carry through on for much longer. And resolutions are so quickly broken for the most part. So instead, let's put some good energy forward on some goals we want to make.

What makes a good goal?

A good goal is a few things. It's realistic, timely, and attainable. So what does that mean exactly? It means first of all that it's not too harsh or lofty. It is actually something that can be accomplished on a regular day. Something that doesn't take every thing out of you to possibly achieve. And that it has realistic and measurable markers. Meaning you know when you have attained it. So it has an end date, it has a way to measure it, and it is something that is possible.

So instead of a goal of I want to read more, make it your goal to read a book a month. Instead of I want to write more, I want to write 500 words a day. Don't make it nebulous, make it measurable. And don't aim for 10k words a day unless it's your full time job to write. Even then, aim for 2500, and if you do more great, if not you've still made your goal.

I'm a big believer in positive reinforcement. When we make our goals (and reward ourselves) we not only feel good, but we associate that good feeling with the task we want to be doing more often. Making it easier to keep our goals and build on them. So use positive reinforcement to your advantage. Rewards can be a piece of your favorite candy or watching an episode of your show. You can also work these rewards into your system of breaks (because you are taking breaks, right?) so you don't have to completely deny yourself, but you can still be productive.The Pomodoro technique is great for this. Look it up.

My goals

My goals for this year include

Reading a book a quarter. With my editing I do, I actually read a lot more than that, I just don't do it for fun. I want to read a book a quarter for fun. I really want to get back to reading almost every day, but after burnout from life last year, I am being gentle, easing myself in.

Writing 500 words or 20 minutes a day. This is really important for me to get back into the habit of writing. A habit takes almost a full month to make, so I need to focus this month to get on it. Wish me luck!

I want to publish two books by the end of the year! Blood of the Father, book two in the Half Blood Alliance series, is releasing in November. And I have a compilation of short horror stories I am writing with my sister that I hope to release by Halloween season. Sneak peek at the cover idea is above.

I want to expand working on graphics and marketing in my business. Above is a logo I made for myself, and I've been doing a lot of work with graphics and marketing for others. I've really enjoyed doing it, so look for a new section in my services soon!

I also want to work on engaging with my social media more in a productive way. So not mindlessly scrolling, but posting writing and editing tips, stuff about myself as an author, and about my books and writing. I always mean to do better, just to let the days slip by. So look for weekly posts on these topics for a while on my author Facebook page and Twitter. And I hope to get back to a more consistent blogging schedule. So look forward to that in 2021!

Thanks for tuning in, and let me know some of your goals for '21 in the comments!


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