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NEW RELEASE and Why You Should Celebrate Your Wins

It’s been ages since I posted here. Not only has Heavenfire come out, but the final book of the Angelborn series, Demonkind, released yesterday. Here’s a bit about the book.

Just because you slay a powerful half-demon, doesn’t mean you are free of him. 

After a long struggle, Ginny and the Alliance are finally free of the threat of Jacob and his changeling minions. His influence still lingers, though. In whispers and rumors throughout the Alliance and those members who have split from them in their time of need. And in his most devout servant, Marta, who will stop at nothing to bring Jacob back. They know how to travel between Earth and Perdition. And they know just how to stop the angelborn. By removing the angel himself.

Full out war has been declared, and everyone must choose a side in this final showdown.

This book was special to me because it was my last time with these characters I had grown to love so much. Ginny and Aiden especially are very dear to me, and I feel like I know them so well. It’s hard to say goodbye as I start to write about new characters.

It also made it more important to me to celebrate this release. I believe in celebrating every victory, no matter how small. So my sissy and I have a ritual we do for every book. She bakes and decorates a cake for it and we go out to dinner somewhere special. Last night we did sushi and donuts before coming home for a slice of cake. Here’s a picture of the wonderful cake she made.


I love cake, and it’s a great way to talk about your book on social media. Sharing the pictures of your cake while you’re celebrating a book birthday is a nice way to post about your release while using different images than the promo graphics you’ve been posting all launch. It’s also fun and you get to eat cake.

But you should celebrate every book you write and publish. It’s not easy to do either, let alone both, and it is a big deal every time you do it. It helps to positively reinforce what you are doing and help you to keep doing it. It’s also validation for what you’ve accomplished. Too often writers hear that anyone can write when in fact it’s really hard to write a novel, let alone take it any further. So treat yourself when you release a book. Go get your favorite dinner and have a drink with a friend. Bake yourself a cake and post the pics on social media. Tell people about what you have done. Celebrate and remember, you accomplished something great!

Grab your copy of the exciting finale today at

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