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Interview with L. Bachman

Today I am happy to host a great interview by L. Bachman! She is a Three Furies Press author, whose book Maxwell Demon comes out this month! Check out her interview, then check out the book at

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you write.

My name is Lynn Lesher, but my work name is L. Bachman. I’m an award-winning author and bestselling author. I’ve also been nominated for the prestigious Gemmell-Ravenheart award for my graphic work. I began using my graphic design skills to get a foot into the publishing business. I worked as a cover artist and promotional materials creator for many other authors during this period. Ultimately, with the encouragement of others, I began writing. I am known for my poetic style of writing in the horror genre, even gaining the nickname with some fans of The Nightmare Queen. I’ve been writing since I was a young teenager and began taking this passion more seriously in the last six years.

What got you into writing in the first place?

I’ve been on record explaining why I began writing. It was a form of escape for me. I enjoyed creating worlds and characters. My earliest pieces were fluff, stories where I was in a world where celebrities liked me that led to me making friends with classmates. It was a form of therapy that I didn’t even know I was participating in. Writing is therapy. It’s something I feel strongly about. Even to this day, if I’m feeling down, I’m scribbling something with the volume on my rock music all the way up to drown the world around me out.

How long have you been writing?

Oo. Maths. Professionally, roughly 5-6 years. Not professionally, well over two decades? That has dated me greatly.

Are you a big reader? What is your favorite genre to read? Favorite book of all time? Favorite author?

I used to find comfort with a good horror or thriller novel, but my tastes have evolved into other genres. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed the classics and biographies. I’m always up for a good historical non-fiction as I have always loved history.

I’ve been reviewing some of my favorite and not-so-favorite books, short stories, and novels on my website. I challenged myself this year to do a year-long reviewing schedule. 52 books! I knew I had easily read that many, what was hard was narrowing down which books I wanted to talk about. I’m a book eater.

My favorite author of all time has always been Anne Rice, but I’m finding other authors that are in the at least top ten, but don’t make me pick that’d be way too hard.

What are your hobbies besides writing and reading?

I love painting, drawing, and finding other creative avenues. My plan this year was to keep myself busy. I have found even I cannot express myself at times with words, so I let other mediums speak for me.

What else takes up your days? Day job or family?

I take care of my household. I care for my mother and my son. I give so much credit to my husband that supports my work and art. Without it I’m just not the woman he married, according to him. So with his support, when I’m not doing the daily housewife duties and care of my family that is home, I am writing and all that goes along with it is my day job when I can find time to catch-up. I’m in a constant state, these days, of chugging coffee and hopping up and down. I stay very busy.

Would you ever write outside of your genre? Would you ever write poetry?

I have and do often! I released my first poetry book called All of My Every Things. I have plans on releasing more. I am known for my poetic style of writing and known for my horror stories, but I have written in sci-fi, dystopian, fantasy, and many other genres. These are usually in short story form, but I’ve challenged myself and had encouragement along the way to try new things.

What inspires you most to write?

For my horror it’s usually some really bad nightmare. I learned that writing about the things that scared me or that I had confronted gave me power over my fears. For other things I’ve written it usually is by encouragement.

Who has influenced your writing most? Is it different than your favorite author?

I’m not sure. My favorite author doesn’t influence my writing as much as gave me the gumption to try writing in the first place when I think more on it. I do enjoy reading a lot, and by that, I’m sure I’m influenced in some way as I’m growing mentally and emotionally from this story or that one.

Tell us more about your books, please. What genre are they? What are they about?

The Blasphemer Series is about a world not too different than our own in which all of the monsters and stories we’ve been taught about are real. It also has religious overtones in the way I’ve explained some of how the monsters came to being, but all is wrapped up nicely with a black bow. Maxwell Demon is the first book of the series and followed a fallen angel that refuses his own damnation and his part in the corruption of man. It’s a redemption story. Harvest is the next of the series and it continues a year after the first book, introducing more human types and monsters. It’s a horror, dark fantasy, and urban fantasy genre series.

I have a collection of short stories called Little Lunacies, this is a collective of what short stories I’ve had published in anthologies that are now out of print and some I never had published previously. It’s a multi-genre collection, as some stories included are horror, some sci-fi, some psychological, fantasy, and even dystopian.

All of My Every Things is a poetry collection. I dug into almost 20 years work of poetry just to create this book. I’m known for dark poetry, but this book, though it may come off as such has different subject matters, love, sadness, mortality, and so on.

I can be found writing weekly on my website. I am currently re-working my personal memoir-like essays that U had been calling Story Time, but this may change. They covered things from my life as a 90’s latchkey kid. I also interview others from the business there, my book reviews can be found there, and all the other things I’ve decided to post there as a blogger.

What was your favorite part of the writing process? Characters? World building? Editing? Rough drafting?

The lightbulb has become my favorite part. That instant strike of inspiration and scribbling that gets molded into characters, worlds, and stories. I have so many notebooks and scribbles I really should organize my office. There’s something about every step of the process I enjoy, but that first glint of inspiration, the notebook and the pen that’s my favorite above all.

What is your writing process?

A chaotic mess. I feel so sorry to whoever tries to catalog my work after I’m long gone. They’ll find a huge pile of notebooks with no notes on if the contents ever made it into a book or not. I use a purging method at times to help get it all out. I always try to go into things organized, but ultimately find it stifling and start doing things different.

I once thought I really knew an answer for this, but when I look back I can see the horrific trail my publishers never get to see that has led to the manuscript they end up with, but it gets done!

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I’m a flip-flopper. I have found some stories are easiest done with strict outlining and some writing on the cuff. I have flipped back and forth for others. I also use a method I call purging to help me gain an insight to where I want a story to go.

One piece of advice you would give a new writer.

Don’t give up and don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know that’s not one piece, but those are the two things I feel the strongest about. I learned the hard way about not practicing self-care, it’s a bad situation.

What is your next project? Tell us about it.

My next release is a re-release of Maxwell Demon. I’ve been plucking away at book three of The Blasphemer Series I’m calling Ghosts. I’m also in the beginning stages of collection poetry together for my next collection. I wrote 30 for the Napowrimo challenge in April, for National Poetry Month and thought it’d be nice to include those with a bunch of the other ones that I never selected for this challenge.

Tell us one thing we do not know about you.

There’s many things. I like to try and remain pretty private, which I’ve been told led to me being considered mysterious, but it’s not on purpose, but one thing I suppose could be that when I’m up late at night I’m usually blaring rock music in my headset so I don’t wake up the sleeping family members, drinking a mug of coffee, burning incense, and trying to be creative. I’m pretty boring.

And here's a little bit more about L.

Known for her pen name L. Bachman, Lynn Lesher has gained a following for her poetic style of writing that is reminiscent of a gothic romantic style. She is an award-winning and bestselling author and artist that has made a name for herself with her work in the publishing field. Her work has been compared to the poet Edgar Allan Poe and even horror author Mary Shelley with its ominous undertones and beautiful flow.

You can find her at

Thanks for stopping by!


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