How to Find Meaningful Content

So part of our job as writers is to do more than just write. We need to build our platforms and social media presence as well. And, like me, many of us host blogs. But if you’re anything like me, it can be short of torture sometimes trying to find subjects to write about. So my friend asked me on Facebook to write about how I find meaningful content to write about every week (at least I hope it’s meaningful content), so here’s my response.

Social media. I spend a part of my free time reading up and researching different writing topics. Everything from outlining a novel or a series to characterization to editing. There’s so much to read and learn and I never want to stop learning craft. On Twitter I follow Writer’s Digest and K.M. Weiland who hosts “Helping Writers Become Authors.” Weiland has great material on a wide range of topics. Writer’s Digest does as well and also retweets other author’s articles. Another great thing about following them is they regularly update with agents looking for clients.

Facebook is good for following other authors who may share different articles or blog posts from various sources. I am also a part of a few writing groups on Facebook. This gives me another source for articles as well as author friends to follow. One group I am in is purely educational and I learn a lot from it. I suggest joining writing groups and see which ones work for you.

My primary source is Pinterest. I love that you can search for specific topics and also that when you click on a pin, you are shown related pins. I’ve found many great topics to write on from browsing Pinterest as well as different points of view. This allows me to see which tips are consistent. Pinterest is great for brainstorming topics as well as researching them to write articles. I definitely find some great stuff on Pinterest.

Well that’s my methods for finding meaningful content. Keep your eyes open on social media and you’ll find lots of ideas you can use. What’s your preferred method? Share below and happy writing.


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