I know I haven't been the best on keeping this blog up to date (HEY another reason to follow me on other social media @hijinkswriter!) but I have some big news! My next novel releases September 10th and is available for preorder at for just 99 cents!

If you've read my other trilogy, you'll know the angelborn universe that this new series takes place in (yes it will be at least another trilogy!) but this is with a new generation of characters. I fell in love with Bree and Liam and Lot especially writing this book, and I can't wait for all of you to fall in love with them too. This book is extra special, because like me, Bree is a halfie. Half-Korean and half-angel. I don't claim the angel bit, but you'll find some interesting tidbits about culture and food in the book. This book is awesome, but here is the blurb to give you an idea of what it's about.

Bree Gracie’s life is changing fast, as she knew it would. Just turned sixteen she will be moving into the Alliance house with the other angelborn trainees. She’s been preparing for this day her entire life. Having an angel for a father meant she always knew what her job would be: keep the humans safe from demons and their spawn.

Despite all this, she’s not ready when magical attacks start happening across the Midwest. Her angelic powers of dreamwalking, paired with help from a human mage she meets, and her fellow Alliance members, will all be needed to save the world from demonkind.

In other news, I am stepping down from being a Fury in Three Furies Press. I am not pulling my books at the moment, but it's time for next moves and I'm very excited about that. I am getting in a lot of R and R and taking care of me and my health. I am also working on book two, which is looking to be very exciting! I will have lots of time for reading and writing and that is all that I want at the moment.

So with that! I tell you I have not been happier in a while, but you know what would make me even happier? Seeing selfies of all of you with my book HALF BLOOD ALLIANCE! So preorder today at and grab your camera! Thanks for sticking with me without much of an update, and look forward to the fun I'll get up to for release day!


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