How to Get Back into Writing

Life happens. Maybe you got scheduled extra hours at work or maybe the kids got sick or maybe you had a social event you couldn’t skip. Either way you missed a day of writing, then two, then many. Before you knew it you were out of the writing groove and unsure of how to get back into things. Luckily there are some different things you can do to get back into writing. Don’t beat yourself up. Guilt about not writing or whether you’re any good kills productiveness. Don’t give i

How to Develop a Writing Routine

Have you ever tried a writing routine? These can be great in helping to keep writer’s block at bay and keep the words flowing. It’s important to create a habit and stick to it. Let’s look at some tips for starting a writing routine. Give up your guilty pleasures, at least while you are writing. Close the Netflix and sit down to write. You don’t have to give up your favorite shows for good. Instead schedule in breaks from your writing where you can indulge in an episode, just