Researching the Person

Today I am happy to host a guest blog post by Tyne Griffin. He is a prolific writer, having written 11 books in the series he is currently penning and is here to share his personal research methods for writing layered protagonists. Here’s what he has to say. *** If you frequent any sort of place where writers converse, you may happen across questions. Things about poisons, wounds, events, and other things that they are pondering for the sake of realism. Often those things can

How to Research Effectively

No matter what type of story you’re writing, you’re likely to need to do some research for it. A colleague of mine recently wrote a novel that took place in the Carolinas. One important place in the story was set at a house on the bluffs. The only problem was there were no bluffs in that part of the state. Needless to say, she had some serious rewriting to do. So research is important. It’s also a time suck, frustrating, and chaotic. So how do we make some sense out of resear